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Brad Hopkins

A hello and a couple of questions.....

Name: Brad H.
Location: Alpharetta, GA
Current School: Berry College (alumni, recently graduated)
Major: Economics (B.S.)
Minor: Finance
Graduate Studies Plan & Degrees Seeking: MS Finance, then a Ph.D. in Finance with minor fields in Econometrics and Industrial Organization Economics
Where Would You Like To Attend Grad School?: Georgia State University, then Emory University or Ohio State University or the University of Georgia
What are your career plans?: Get some entry level experience in Finance while completing my MS, then get a Ph.D. and go into academics or some type of analyst position
Anything else you want to tell us?:
GMAT over-all: 580
GMAT verbal: 38 (top 15th percentile)
GMAT quantitative: 32 (bottom 37th)
GMAT writing portion: 6 (top 5th percentile)
Excel skills in top 10th percentile of the population
Mathematics electives include Calculus 1, Calculus 2, Calculus 3, and Mathematical Statistics.

My first question concerns grad school admissions. I submitted my application for Georgia State's Finance MS program (not a MBA) a couple of weeks ago with strong letters of recommendation, a decent undergrad GPA (really strong during the last two years), two published academic articles, and strong writing samples. Since I am pretty new at this, I really have no idea what to expect. So I was wondering on average (for everyone at all schools) how long it would be before I would know whether or not I was admitted or rejected. I submitted my app at the beginning of the Spring 2008 admissions cycle (which ends in October), so I am not exactly sure when I should know something, though my guess would be mid July. Thoughts?

The second question concerns the scheduling of my coursework. The MS program I have applied to can be done part time, which is what I am going to as I need to be bringing income in from a full time job while studying (sources of mine indicate the masters GRAs/TAs are very, very low). There are courses which I want to take in the program, mainly math courses but also a few graduate Econ courses (Math-Econ, Econometrics, and Advanced Microeconomics, I don't want to be surprised by them in a Ph.D. program), but are scheduled during the day when I would be working. Basically the math courses would be pre-requisites to getting into a decent Finance Ph.D. program, so I would really want take them. If I were to make up the hours at the end of the day, do you think an employer would be open to letting me skip out for two hours during the day a couple of times during the week for class?
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