Decent Exposure (dr_zhivago) wrote in futuregrads,
Decent Exposure

For all you IR and Poli Sci folks...

I'm looking at Graduate programs right now, and i've narrowed it down to 10, but i really need to bring it down to 3 or 4. Do you guys have any suggestions/comments/thoughts/recommendations on any of the following schools or programs? It would mean a lot to me =)

Seton Hall - Diplomacy and International Relations
Hampshire University- Peace and World Conflict Studies, with an emphasis on Arms Control and International Security
Johns Hopkins University - International Relations
Georgetown University - Security Studies
SDSU - Homeland Security
Brown University- Public Affairs and Public Policy
University of Calgary - Master of Strategic Studies Program
Missouri State - Defense and Strategic Studies
Columbia - International Affairs
UC Berkleley either in Public Policy or in Near Eastern Studies

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